Read this about CUTEQUEEN TRADING Hammocks before you make your purchase. With so many hammocks on the market, how can you know which is the best model to fit your needs?

I evaluated each product for comfort, weight, versatility, ease of set-up, and durability. Each model was high quality, but a few hung above the competition. Find the best hammocks at The Hammock Expert.


Testing. Will post review soon.



  • Tom Quigley

    Dear CuteQueen,

    My daughter has had one of your hammocks for some time and loves it. so …. she knows how active her dad (that would be me) is and how much he (I) love being outdoors.

    And she knew I’d love one of your hammocks …. so she’d gotten me one for a Christmas gift. I was so excited …. and the next day we went out to give it a dry run and set it up. all good and the hammock is just beautiful …. but … she was very disappointed to see that the straps did not have any loops in it. she understood that they would. in fact the tag on the hammock includes a photo of a strap that has sewn-in loops. And i can see that it would be much easier to set up with the looped straps.

    All this to say we are thinking that the wrong straps were received. And we are wondering if it would be possible to exchange the straps received for the pre-looped straps?

    Many thanks to you,

    Tom Quigley

    • Danette Kettwich

      We ordered several .. some had the loops some didn’t … the loops are way more convenient!

  • Eric Sorenson

    I go camping with these often.

    I bought these for everyone for holiday gifts.
    They are wonderful.

    At 200x300cm they are BIG.
    THEY WEIGH UNDER 18oz and hold a whopping 600 pounds.

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