Levitation 2 Person AeroTent Review

There are plenty of hammocks out there, but how do you get a hammock that stands out? Enter the Aerotent. The Aerotent is a revolutionary take on the classic hammock. With three anchor points instead of just two, the Aerotent Levitation 2 lives up to its name – it’s levitating tent designed to keep you in the air but with all the benefits of a traditional tent shelter. Comfortable and exceptionally well designed, the Aerotent will give you a hammock experience like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

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Product Performance

Comfort: Comfort is where the Aerotent beats all of its rivals. The triangular design ensures that you have more than enough space to comfortably stay floating all night. It’s large enough to camp out with a friend and still have room for all your gear and camping essentials. The high quality nylon feels amazingly soft, yet is durable enough to easily support two adults and all of their camping gear. The built in bug net keeps out any annoying insects while the lightweight support poles gives you ample space to relax in the shelter.

The greatest advantage the Aerotent has over regular hammocks is that the straps cinch tightly and reduces sag when you’re in it. You’ll feel like you’ve built a floating platform where you can lie flat and sit upright easily and comfortably.

The Aerotent is designed to give you the most comfortable camping experience you’ll ever have. Period. You can bring it on your next weekend adventure in the woods or simply set it up in the backyard for your kids. They will love the instant treehouse and enjoy endless fun with their new floating castle.

Weight: Weighing in at 3.4kg, the Aerotent Levitation 2 isn’t something you’d bring on a long backpacking trip (but if you did, you’d be the coolest guy in the wilderness). However, it’s perfect for a family camping trips or cross country road trips. The official supported weight is 200kg, but we definitely exceeded that without any signs of stress or damage.

You may be thinking that you’d rather stick with a traditional tent or a regular hammock, but you’ll be missing out on the unbelievable versatility and comfort of the Aerotent. Your friends will love the idea of spending a night in the great outdoors while floating between the trees.

Durability: Made with the highest quality 240D nylon, the Aerotent is incredibly strong. You’ll be able to use it with confidence for years to come. When you purchase this item, you’ll also receive a detachable rain fly, allowing you to set up the Aerotent year-round. The rainfly takes the Aerotent from an amazing hammock and transforms it into a complete camping shelter that’ll handle whatever mother nature throws at it.

The high quality material ensures that the Aerotent is easy to clean and makes maintenance easy. This levitating fortress won’t fail you even in the toughest conditions.

Versatility: Portable, stylish and incredibly comfortable. The Aerotent Levitation 2 is perfect for road trips, car camping, or setting up at home and getting an incredibly unique hammock experience. The Aerotent may very well be the future of camping with its innovative design and outstanding usability.

This is your opportunity to get yourself set up with an amazing hammock that won’t just provide you with comfort and relaxation, but also unforgettable memories. The only downside is that with a hammock so amazingly unique, you’ll be turning a lot of heads and may find yourself at the center of a lot of unexpected attention when you’re hanging out! Head over the aerotent.myshopify.com and get yours now while they’re still available!

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Product Specs

Name: Levitation 2 Person AeroTent
Type: 2 Person Tent
Setup Time: 10 minutes
Pole Material: Aluminum
Color: Green rain cover
Rain Cover Fabric:
 Removable 70D PU coated waterproof polyester
Floor Fabric: 240D nylon-polyester fabric
Size: 300cm x 300cm x 90cm (LxWxH)
Maximum Load: 200kg / 440lbs

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