Montem Fly-Napple & Chill Camping Hammock Review

When you go camping, you’re looking for gear that is high quality, durable and functions well. You want to make sure that your gear will perform when you’re out in the wilderness. If you’ve already decided to ditch the tent and started to look into camping hammocks, there are a few things you need to know. A good camping hammock should be very strong so that you do not fall. It should be breathable so that you stay comfortable. And it should be lightweight and easy to bring with you on your trip.

If you’re a frequent adventurer, you’ll want a camping hammock that is truly versatile. There are many camping hammocks out on the market and all have their own strengths and weaknesses. One of our favorite hammocks is the Montem Fly-Napple & Chill Single Camping Hammock. A follow-up from the company that brought you one of the best trekking poles of last year, while recently being rated by Backpacker Magazine as one of the top trekking poles on the market, the Montem hammock is their first entry into the hammock space and it offers a lot of value in a functional package.

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Product Performance

Features: What differentiates the Montem Fly-Napple from many of its competitors is the numerous features and excellent design that went into each hammock. It comes equipped with a pair of ropes and 12kN carabiners that makes setup painless.

Another thing that sets the Fly-Napple apart is the unique design, incorporating pineapples and flowers to bring a breath of fresh air to what has been a stale market.

Comfort: The Montem Fly-Napple is also the most comfortable hammock we’ve tried (next to the Serac Classic Camping Hammock which we have reviewed here). Long and wide, the hammock is roomy enough for two people and using it solo gives you an amazingly comfortable space to relax in. The nylon fabric feels amazing while the Diamondweave ripstop ensures that its durable and has performed well in all our tests. Some cheaper alternatives we’ve tried ripped easily and used nylon that was very uncomfortable.

Weight and Size: The Fly-Napple packs into a compact size thanks to the stuff sack. It was easy to fit everything including the ropes and carabiners. The Montem Fly-Napple was small enough to carry around anywhere on a day to day basis and the weight was not noticeable when carried in a hiking bag.


The Montem hammock was incredibly comfortable and the packability was a huge plus. Taking it on every camping and hiking trip was a no-brainer. The durability is something that every product should strive for. Most importantly, the size and comfort makes the Fly-Napple one of the best hammocks you can choose for your trips. It outperformed the competition and the price point is more than competitive. You cannot go wrong with the Montem Hammock whether you’re just a casual hammocker who likes to relax in the backyard or a hardcore backpacker taking it out for multiple days in the backcountry.

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Product Specs

Name: Montem Fly-Napple
Material: Nylon
Color: Pineapple & Flowers (Gold/Black)
Weight: 1.63 pounds
Unfolded Dimensions: 110 in x 55 in
Max Capacity: Over 500 pounds

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  • Richard Bebko

    What double hammock has the most capacity I’m 375 my wife two something what double hammock has the highest capacity??? Also son has one of your hammocks what a great rain/snow fly he’s a boyscout always hiking??

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