Rallt Camping Hammock Review

Are you looking for the ideal way to rewind after a hard day’s work? Then the Rallt Camping Hammock is just the right thing for you to own. This is an excellent piece of outdoor gear that you can use in the confines of your home as well as when venturing out of doors on a hiking or backpacking adventure.

What makes the Rallt Camping Hammock such a popular hammock is its affordable price and amazing quality. To know more why you should own this, there are a number of important points which you need to bear in mind.

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Product Performance

Comfort: Comfort is something that you are guaranteed to experience when you use the Rallt Camping Hammock for relaxation. This is also a hammock that is quite safe to use as it is made of diamond ripstop nylon and is capable of safely holding you while you lie down on it.

This hammock features triple interlocking stitching as a result of which it is capable of carrying as much as four hundred pounds at a time.  This is also a product that comes with hanging gear, and you don’t need to buy this additionally when you purchase the Rallt Camping Hammock for your personal use.

The hanging equipment that accompanies the hammock is also of a high quality, made of nonstretchable nautical grade rope about twenty feet in length. The aluminum carabiners are strong, but light in weight and will not snag or tear your hammock which traditional steel carabiners are usually known to do.

The hammock is perfect for you to carry with you on a road trip as it fits in excellently into a compression sack with built-in features. Backpacking, hiking and camping adventures are likely to get even more comfortable than they could have been when you have this hammock with you.

Weight: The Rallt Camping Hammock is very light and you will not find it difficult to carry it around with you since it can fit into a compression sack. This hammock is also quite easy to set up, and you are certainly not likely to get weary when you set this hammock up in your home or while on a camping trip.

You will be able to enjoy a comfortable nap on this hammock no matter how much you weigh given the excellent quality of the nautical grade ropes that hold the hammock together. Falling off is also not likely given the excellent grip that the ropes have and the terrific quality of the hanging gear.

Durability:  What makes the Rallt Camping Hammock a fine product for purchase is the fact that this is a product that can last you for a long period of time. The high-quality ropes and hanging gear that this hammock is known to feature enables you to use it for a considerable number of years before having to dispose of it.

Indeed this hammock is a product that you can use for a good 10 to 15 years if not longer than that. This is not a product that is easily prone to wear and tear and also comes with a warranty at the time of purchase. We really enjoyed using and testing the product. It is high quality like the Serac Classic Camping Hammock and Bear Butt Camping Hammock.

The warranty for this hammock is valid for a period of one year, and it can be renewed thereafter. You don’t have to incur any expenses at all when you send in the hammock for repair while the warranty period is on, though this may be unlikely given that the hammock is not likely to get damaged at all, especially in the first year of its use.

This hammock is also a product that is relatively easy to maintain. All you need to do is keep it dust free in order to be able to keep using for a good number of years. While you can definitely clean this product with water, you need to make sure to wipe it dry, or the water may hamper the quality of the ropes with which the hammock is made.

While this is a hammock that is certainly a sturdy product to own, you need to avoid keeping this exposed to the sunshine for long hours as this may also adversely impact the quality of the ropes with which the hammock is constructed.

Versatility: This is one of the best hammocks to own as it is convenient to set up and carry around. Setting up this hammock is something that you can do in a matter of minutes, and you also won’t find it hard to take it with you wherever you go, given that you can neatly fold it and put it into its compression sack.

Design: The hammock is also a product that is characterized by quite a sleek appearance. It is not bulky in shape and form and will not take up a lot of space in the area where it is set up.

The hammock comes in double as well as single form. It can easily accommodate more than one person in it.

While this is a hammock that is ideal for use out of doors, you can even set it up with much success in a small balcony of your home or the lobby if this is where you like to relax. The high-quality nylon fabric of this hammock will ensure that your skin is able to breathe when you lie down on it ruling out the possibility of discomfort altogether.


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Product Specs

Name: Rallt Camping Hammock
Material: Nylon
Color: Blue/Charcoal, various other combinations
Weight: 13 ounces
Unfolded Dimensions: 10 ft x 4 ft 7 in (single), 10 ft x 6 ft 2 in (double)
Max Capacity: 400 pounds