Serac Hammock Straps (Tree Huggers) Review

Have you ever found the perfect hammock spot that checked off everything on your list? Perfect view, good shade, and just the right breeze to keep you feeling good. But when you get there, the only trees are too far apart to hang your hammock. Normally, if you’re using the packaged straps or rope, it may not be long enough to reach distant trees or wrap around particularly thick trunks. The Serac Tree Hugger Tree Straps solves this problem. Currently available in fifteen and twenty feet versions (with ten feet straps coming soon), each pair of straps are long enough that you can effectively hammock anywhere.

The twenty feet straps are some of the longest we’ve seen in the market, but the high quality material keeps it feeling lightweight and compact.

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Product Performance

Useability: Featuring a daisy chain design, the Serac Tree Huggers were very easy to use. You simply wrap it around a tree, string one end through the loop at the other end and then clip your hammock into the various loops along the length of the strap. The extra long length allowed me to hammock in spots that were previously too far apart.

In addition to extending the range of my hammock anchor points, these straps let me use particularly large trees as anchors. In the past, some of the huge pines and oaks in my area were too thick for smaller straps to completely wrap around. Even the common 10 foot long straps had trouble wrapping these thick trees and still having enough strap leftover for me to hammock from. These Serac Tree Huggers are long enough that they can use all but the biggest trees as anchors.

The straps pack away neatly into their included pouch and are a great replacement if you’ve got a set of shorter straps. If, for whatever reason, you need super long straps to hammock across long distances, you can connect your previous straps to the Serac Tree Huggers to get even more territory to hang across.

Weight: Each pair of tree huggers is lightweight and in most cases can fit into your hammock’s stuff sack for maximum portability. These tree straps are a no brainer upgrade to maximize your hammock’s versatility.

Durability: These straps are made with very high quality polyester webbing for a durable strap that can hold up to 400 pounds. The stitching is very solid and because it is made with polyester instead of nylon, the straps do not stretch over time.

You’ll be using these straps for years, secure in the knowledge that their high durability will keep you happily suspended in your hammock.

Design: The multi-loop daisy chain design makes the Tree Huggers incredibly versatile. Setup is intuitive and takes just a few seconds to get hanging. By having so many anchor points, you have more minute control when adjusting the slack and positioning of your hammock.

The added length increases the ways you can hang exponentially. You’ll start seeing possible anchor spots in places you never imagined in the past.

The Serac Tree Huggers are a great upgrade for anyone looking to find new ways to hang their hammock. The lightweight and durable design ensures that you’ll be happily hammocking with these straps for years to come.

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Product Specs

Name: Serac Tree Hugger Hammock Straps
Material: Woven polyester (non-stretch)
Color: Black
Weight: 28 ounces
Dimensions: 20 ft (long) x 1 in (wide)
Max Capacity: 500 pounds