Vivere Double Hammock Review

People who love to relax and love to relax outside of their homes, go to great lengths to find the perfect place that satisfies the idea of being in peace. Sure, there’s no need to worry when you’re relaxing indoors as there are always sofas, beds, and chairs available at your disposal. But what about when you are outdoors like on a solo camping trip or a weekend outing with your friends? The Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand is a lifesaver that you must have in your arsenal, to take to your outdoor activities. This hammock comes with a unique “Space Saving Steel Stand” feature that expands up to 9 feet in length and provides sturdy support up to 450 lbs of body weight.

The Vivere Double Hammock is highly comfortable due to the 100% cotton fabric that provides features like easy cleaning and high portability. The stand is very easy to assemble, despite being made of heavy steel and should not take you more than a few minutes to set up your own personal space of tranquility.

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Product Performance

Comfort: the Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, as the name implies, is made to be used by the waters at the same time. Made from premium quality 100 percent cotton, this double hammock provides an unparalleled sense of comfort as soon as you lie down. The material is easy to wash, and you won’t require any strong chemical-based cleaner; just a mild soap with warm water is enough to remove most of the dirt and debris that accumulate over your trip. Comfort and reliability are top notch; this is why Vivere has made a mark for itself in the market.

Additional fabrics – speaking of comfort elements, your options are not limited to cotton. You can also buy this same model made from polyester fabric that is fade resistant, mildew resistant, and provides exceptional protection against rot. Another version of this double hammock comes with Sunbrella fabric that provides super stain resistance and easy cleaning of spills. The comfort level of the Sunbrella fabric is the same as cotton; so, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your relaxation time for other concerns.

Weight: The entire hammock weighs close to 30 pounds, which makes it a convenient device to carry here and there. However, those who are planning to take this model to multi-day hiking sessions might be disappointed as this Hammock would add a considerable amount of weight in their rucksack. In other situations like relaxing by the beachside or at home should be no problem at all because there’s not much carrying involved.

The weight is understandable as this is a pretty rugged hammock that provides space for two people to lie down comfortably. So you and your friend can hop in anytime as long as both of your combined weight do not exceed 450 lbs. The metal stands contribute to most of the overall weight, but it is an essential part of the item that cannot be ignored.

Durability: This product is available in three types of fabric: polyester, cotton, and Sunbrella. The polyester type double hammock offers extra durability in harsh conditions and better resistance against fading. The Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand will be able to maintain its bright colors for a longer period and is available in colors like ciao and techno. Vivere Double Hammock made of cotton is, however, the best regarding comfort. Mostly painted using vegetable dye, you can clean and quickly using cold water without any bleach-based detergent. Some of the color options available for the cotton variety are salsa, denim, oasis, desert, and moon.

The space saving steel stand has been made using heavy gauge steel and comes in a 9 foot compact frame with an innovative design like never before. They provide a robust and secure stand for all types of floors, be it in the wilderness or inside of your home. It can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes, and no tools are required for doing so.

The package comes with 5 knob style bolts to be used in securing all parts of the frame together, 2 hooks with wing nuts for fastening the hook with the frame, and 1 duffel bag that is big enough to accommodate the entire setup, which includes the frame, additional hardware, and of course the hammock. Rarely will you find any other model in the same price range that offers you so many features with such high level of durability.

Versatility: Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand can be used anywhere and at any time. As this equipment is made of high-quality materials, you can expect it to last far longer than many other cheaper alternatives on the market. Of course, this variety can also be considered reasonable when you look at all the benefits that it offers. The steel stand has eliminated the need of finding trees that regular hammock’s need by acting as a substitute for two trees. The space saving feature is a godsend because it allows the entire setup to be wrapped up in a greatly small form factor that can comfortably sit inside of the bag that comes with the package.

The hammock gives you a snug feeling, which is similar to being inside of a cocoon while offering enough sturdiness to accommodate two adults comfortably. The carrying case is itself incredibly appealing, and you’ll surely be a center of attraction at the beach whenever you pitch this Hammock near the beachside. With so many advantages at your disposal, why wouldn’t you give this double Hammock a try? Simply visit, check out the entire product specifications yourself, and then click to buy in just a few simple steps. Your relaxation time is about to get up a few notches once you have the Vivere Double Hammock.

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Product Specs

Name: Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand
Material: cotton, polyester, sunbrella fabric
Color: Desert Moon with charcoal frame, various other combinations
Weight: 33.42 lbs
Unfolded dimensions: Hammock bed is 63 x 94-Inch, with a total length of 130-Inch; accommodates two adults
Max capacity: 450 lbs

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