Arc’Teryx Altra 65L Backpack Review

The Arc’Teryx Altra 65L and 75L Backpack is a mile ahead of any other hiking backpacks that you’ve used before. It is a king when it comes to affordable hiking backpack, boasting of an exceptional combination of unique features, high quality durable build and a suspension system unlike anything you’ve used before. All of these amazing qualities come at a price that is almost too hard to believe. There is absolutely no reason for you to not buy this amazing backpack if you’re planning a trek anytime soon. The Arc’teryx Altra is your perfect companion when you’re travelling through those long trails hidden between the enormous mountains.

Arc’teryx is a well-known hiking gear manufacturer that was founded in the year 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It was originally known as Rock Solid as the company initially sold equipment for rock climbing. It was later renamed to Arc’teryx which originates from the word Archaeopteryx, the first bird ever to be identified. The motive behind this renaming was to branch out into other fields of outdoor activities such as hiking. Arc’teryx has since then been delivering some of the best quality hiking gear at highly affordable prices.

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The Arc’teryx Altra 65 is one of the best-selling hiking backpacks of this company and for lots of good reasons. This backpacks has a huge spectrum of convenient features that are absolutely life-changing for any backpacker that regularly hits the trail.

First off, we start with the fantastic suspension system featured in this backpack. It has the C2 Suspension system popularly known as the Composite Construction Suspension System. Combined with the Twin 6005 T-6 Aluminum M-Bar, the C2 suspension makes this backpack extremely lightweight, yet sturdy and capable of storing a large amount of weight.

The backpack also features an extendable collar and expandable top flaps which makes expanding the backpack easy while carrying large loads. The two storage chambers in this backpack makes sure you can organize all your stuff and access them easily. A hydration sleeve with an external access tube is also provided. The 3 liter hydration sleeve can be removed at any time to provide ease of cleaning.

The Arc’teryx 65L backpack allows you to achieve a perfect customizable fit thanks to the GridLock shoulder straps that are both vertically and horizontally adjustable. Two side mesh pockets allow for easy access to additional water bottles or snacks.

One of the best features of this backpack is fact that the back of this pack sits away from the body. This gives breathability to the back of your body and allows it to stay it its natural posture. A Rotator Load Transfer Disk transfers the weight of the pack and allows it to rest on the hips, thus providing more movability and relief to your hips.

As far as the style and design of the Arc’teryx is concerned, there are honestly very few better looking backpacks that I’ve ever seen. The design is quite simple but sturdy. It feels like a sentinel that buttons up completely and gives a rock solid vibe. This backpack comes in three different colour combinations – Carbon Copy, Diablo Red and Iron Oxide.

The durability of the Arc’teryx 65L backpack is extremely great. The frame of the backpack is made from EVA Foam, Aluminum and HDPE Framesheet. This perfect combination of materials which provide a strong foundation is sure to last you for a very long time. The primary material used to craft the backpack is ripstop nylon which is very well suited for hiking backpacks. Ripstop nylon is puncture proof and water-proof and can take a ton of beating. The compartments of the backpack are made of 420-denier Invista HD plain wave nylon. Moreover, the backpack is also coated with a silicone/polyurethane mixture for additional durability.

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The Arc’teryx 65L backpack is one of the most comfortable backpacks out there. The shoulder straps are anatomically shaped to fit your back perfectly and you also have the option to adjust the straps based on your requirements. The shoulder straps also come with a layer of air-permeable foam lined mesh in case your skin rubs against them. The hip belt features a Rotating Load Transfer Disk allows for greater freedom of movement of the back. The backpack also has four compression straps – two on both sides which drastically compresses the load on either side. These shoulder straps are removable and adjustable according to your convenience.

Overall, the Arc’teryx 65L Hiking Backpack is an extremely high quality and value for money product. It has all the practical features that any experienced or beginner hiker may need while on the trail. It combines comfort, durability and utility into one simple backpack and is an all-round performer. Moreover, Arc’teryx provides limited lifetime warranty on all its backpacks which takes care of all manufacturing defects. So you can go for this backpack with all your confidence and we promise you will not be let down.