Serac Ultralight Hammock Rain Fly Tarp Review

If you’re looking to level up from casual hammocker to hammock camper, you’ll want to get some sort of rainfly or tarp in case of rain. Well, the Serac Overhang Hammock Tarp promises to be everything you need for a lightweight, portable shelter when you go hammock camping. With roomy coverage, easy to setup suspension system, and ultralight portability, the Serac Overhang is a fantastic rainfly to keep you hammocking even in the biggest storms.

Not only is it very portable, but the material is very durable and stood up well against some heavy thunderstorms I got caught in. If you’re thinking of getting a tarp so you can start hammocking all year round, you’ll definitely want to consider these points.

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Product Performance

Useability: The Serac Overhang was very easy to set up, perfect if you find yourself suddenly caught in a rainshower and need to set up camp. The ridgeline was created by wrapping the two ropes onto the trees and clipping in with the carabiner. Setup was very intuitive and the line-loc fasteners made it easy to adjust the tarp’s tension.

The four anchor points could be attached quickly with the included line and stakes. The stakes were very sturdy and dug into the ground easily. Under the tarp, there was very good coverage for my XL hammock and I never felt in danger of getting wet.  The catenary cut of the tarp is designed to be the most efficient use of space and provides optimal coverage. If there’s heavy wind, you can set the stakes closer to you and create steeper walls. If there’s only a light drizzle, you can set the stakes far apart to maximize the amount of space under your roof.

If you are creative with the tree positioning, you can even have two people hammock under a single Serac Overhang rainfly. This is a great accessory so you can hammock no matter what the weather is like.

Weight: The Serac Overhang is very lightweight and uses light and durable polyurethane coated ripstop nylon. The material is highly waterproof, but retains the same ultralight properties of nylon. With the included stuff sack, the Serac Overhang takes up a small footprint and is a welcome addition in any hammock camper’s pack.

Durability: The secret to the Serac Overhang’s durability is the strong ripstop nylon. This material is coated in polyurethane to create a weatherproof barrier that’s lightweight and incredibly durable. If you’re the type of adventurer that isn’t bothered by a little rain, the Serac Overhang is perfect so you can enjoy the pitter-patter of raindrops on rainfly in the comfort of your hammock.

Each Serac Overhang is also protected by a great warranty program. Rest easy knowing that your gear won’t fail on you!

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Design: This tarp differs from many competitors by using a catenary cut instead of a standard rectangular or hexagonal cut. The curved edges of a catenary cut allows you to set up a tighter and more stable shelter than traditionally shaped tarps. The large foot print lets you use the tarp even when it’s not raining. It makes a great sunshade to keep you cool and relaxed. With its great portability and versatility in all weather, the Serac Overhang is a must have accessory for any aspiring hammock camper!