The Obvious Reason Why This is 2017’s Most Viral Hammock

2017 should be appropriately named “The Year of The Hammock”. In 2017, hammocks are exploding in popularity! And for very good reason. If you’re looking for a chill and incredibly relaxing way to hang outdoors, look no further. Hammocks are THE perfect camping accessory. Some campers have even ditched their tents completely and replaced it with a hammock setup. I totally approve! It 100% beats sleeping on the dirt!

With so many hammocks out there, it’s a bit overwhelming. How can you try them all to find the perfect one. Good for you, we’ve done just that 🙂

The first place people shop is On Amazon, there are dozens if not hundreds of hammocks to choose from. I have to admit, we haven’t tried them all. BUT I can say that we’ve tried over a dozen and most were a dud. There were a few that stood out. In particular, I loved the Serac Sequoia double hammock for many many reasons. We’ll get to that in a bit…

There’s also the big giant in the hammock industry, ENO hammocks. They’re a big company and more expensive than most other hammocks, but are they worth the price? Recently, they’ve been scrambling and making a push to stay relevant with so many new hammock brands coming. They’re especially concerned after their main competitor Serac Hammocks was featured by Cairn. Cairn is the largest and most renowned outdoor subscription box service. The Serac Hammocks box is Cairn’s most popular item. From that box alone, they sold TENS OF THOUSANDS of hammocks!!

So don’t be surprised if you see the bright Serac Hammock colors being flashed throughout every National Park and campground you visit this year.

Why are we in love with this company?

The Team

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a good story.

Serac Hammocks was started by 2 childhood friends. As they grew older their paths split. Jeff went out west to California while Wilson stayed in the concrete jungles of NYC. Jeff learned to appreciate the outdoors and had limitless opportunities to explore our great American landscapes. While Wilson was still stuck in New York and wasn’t able to truly experience the outdoors.

One spring break, Jeff rescued Wilson and took him to Zion National Park. A trip that opened his eyes to the world and changed their lives forever. Ever since, they were both passionate and obsessed with the outdoors. Spending any spare minute planning their next adventure and showing their friends this beautiful world.

From that one trip, their life goal has been to show people the wonders of the natural world. What better way to make sure people have a great time outdoors than to have them relax in a hammock while taking in sweeping mountain views and starry nights.

The Hammock Safety And Comfort

Rule #1, we don’t want to fall while hammocking!

The quality of the materials is extremely important. From the fabric to the straps to the carabiners, these are all crucial to your safety.

Another company worth mentioning is Bear Butt. They offer great value and aren’t one of the Amazon duds. But even Bear Butt’s or ENO’s hammocks can’t compare with the fabric that the Serac Sequoia uses. They use a special type of nylon that I found EXTREMELY comfortable. SO soft and breathable. It felt especially awesome with a slight summer breeze passing through it and lightly rocking the hammock. It’s even made from ripstop weaving so it’s way less likely to tear. Not to mention, I love the size of the double hammock. There’s so much room for activities!

A lot of companies will want to use S hooks and cheap carabiners (steel & plastic) to save cost. This is a terrible idea. Carabiners hold your hammock off the ground! I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to fall! Some carabiners even have sharp or rouch edges that can cut into your straps. So be VERY CAREFUL when you’re looking at the carabiners.

The Serac Sequoia uses a high grade aluminum carabiner. It’s not just that this material is super super light, it’s used in the construction of aircraft!


You can find the Serac Sequoia hammock on their website for $59.95. The ENO doublenest, on the other hand, will cost you $69.95. It’s not a huge difference, BUT you have to consider that the Serac comes with a set of 6 foot trees straps. If you want tree straps from ENO, that’ll run you an extra $20-30! Having the straps included with the Serac Hammock is a HUGE plus. And if 6ft straps are too short for you, you can always upgrade to their Tree Huggers. 

Ease of Setup

I love the fact that this hammock comes with tree straps. Most companies will only include rope or nothing at all. Rope is a pain in the a** to tie around trees and adjust your hammock with. And it’s actually terrible for the tree bark. PLEASE always use 1inch wide straps or webbings to protect the trees!

Now back to how easy it was to set up with tree straps. The whole hammock literally took a minute to set up. I tossed the straps around the tree, clipped the carabiners in and started relaxing. It’s as easy as that. No knots, no nonsense!

Bonus – This Ones For The Hammock Campers

Gear loops – what are those?

Serac Sequoia’s have 6 gear loops, 3 on each side of the hammock. I was a bit confused about these at first but I quickly realized how useful they are for your under quilt. If you’re hammock camping, you’ll want insulation beneath your body and under quilts are a great way to do this. The gear loops help you adjust the under quilt and have it fit snugly and warmly under you. You can even use the loops with guy lines to stretch out your hammock, hang glasses or other gear. Get creative with the loops!

After trying all these different hammocks out, I have a clear favorite. Factoring quality, price and value, Serac wins hands down. I love these guys and their personalized customer service. If I haven’t convinced you that these are the top hammocks on the market, just head to their website at You can talk directly to the founders Wilson and Jeff if you have any more questions.