Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock With 12 Foot Steel Stand Review

Is comfort foremost on your mind this summer? Then you ought to consider getting yourself a Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock with 12 Foot Steel Stand. This is a product that is easily available online, and you can procure it for the best possible prices at any given hour of the day. Such a hammock can be set up quickly and easily and can also last you for a long period of time if you take good enough care of it. To know more about why this is the right hammock for you to own in the summer months, read on.

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Product Performance

Comfort:  Lying down and taking a nap in the Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock is an excellent idea because of the amazing sense of comfort that this hammock generates. A sleeping pad made of polyester and a pillow is what this hammock is mainly comprised of so you can be sure of enjoying a comfortable rest on this hammock whenever you do happen to use it.

The hammock pad is also made of what is termed as weather resistant solution, as a result of which this hammock is capable of being easily used in any kind of weather condition. You will be able to keep it on your balcony or in your garden whether there is a storm raging outside or whether the heat is intense enough to cause a meltdown.

The high-quality material with which the sleeping pad of the hammock is made makes this product one that can be used by you even if you have sensitive skin. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable rest on this hammock even if your skin is prone to allergy and acne as the excellent material with which this is made will not cause eruptions to break out in your skin.

Durability: The Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock with 12 Foot Steel Stand is definitely a product that you can use over an extensive period of time. This is a hammock that comes with a long shelf life, and you can use it for a good five to six years at least if not for longer than that.

This is not a hammock that is easily vulnerable to wear and tear, and it may be a good two to three years before you have to send this hammock for repair. Such a hammock is highly sturdy and can even withstand rough handling every once in awhile.

Although this is a hammock that is quite affordably priced at approximately under $200 you can get to enjoy a warranty valid for as long as one year when you buy this hammock online. While the manufacturer’s warranty is one that remains valid for a year only this can be renewed by you for a longer period of time at a later date.

When you have the benefit of a warranty policy, you can get the hammock repaired entirely for free. There are no repair charges to pay for even if there are specific components of the hammock that might have to be replaced, so long as the warranty period remains in operation.

Easy Care and Maintenance:  The Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock is one of the best products to own as it is easy to care for. You do not have to spend a lot of money on its maintenance in order to keep it in good shape.

The ideal way to care for this hammock would be to wipe it with a dry cloth every single day. It would also be a good idea to keep this hammock covered in the night so that dust particles don’t settle over it.

If you want to give the hammock a thorough rub down then washing it with lukewarm water and soap can turn out to be the right thing to do. However, you need to make sure that water is not allowed to remain on the hammock as this may otherwise interfere with the quality of the ropes of the hammock.

Avoid neglecting your hammock and try to keep it clean at all times, especially if you keep it out of doors instead of inside your home or apartment. The less dust and dirt on your hammock, the longer will be its shelf life.

Versatility:  Assembling and setting up the Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock with 12 Foot Steel Stand is quite easy to do, and you will be able to do this all on your own without requiring any person to help you. There are no tools that you need to use in order to set up the hammock, and you can simply carry this out with your bare hands.

The weight limit is also as much as 275 pounds so you can easily sit down or lie down on this hammock without worrying about it falling apart. The hammock also comes with a carrying case at the time of purchase, and this is also a product that is easy to uninstall and fold and keep in such a case. Hence the hammock is one that you can definitely take with you when you embark on a trip particularly a camping or hiking trip.

Great Appearance: Apart from being easy to set up and use, this is a hammock that is characterized by quite a sleek appearance and comes in a beautiful desert stripe color. It will look good on the balcony or living space of any home no matter what the color scheme of the room is, while it would also look perfectly fine when installed outdoors.

Easy Shipping: One of the best reasons to buy this hammock apart from the low price is the fact that this is a hammock that gets shipped to your doorstep for free. You don’t have to pay any money in order to have this product delivered to your home at any given time of the year.

The time taken to get this Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock with 12 Foot Steel Stand is also not much, and you can expect it to reach you within a week or two of having bought it online.

Product Specs

Name: Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock with 12 Foot Steel Stand
Material: Cotton and weather resistant steel
Color: Blue/Green, Red and several other colors schemes
Weight: 40 pounds
Dimensions: Stand measures 52 inches wide x 144 inches long x 45 inches tall; Bed measures 52 inches wide x 76 inches long
Max Capacity: 275 pounds